Saturday, June 27, 2015

Faith and Prayer

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Somethings have been on my mind a lot recently namely faith and prayer. These two principles are interconnected in many ways.
First off, we show our faith by praying. This shows our Heavenly Father that we do believe He is there and that He can hear us. In the book of Enos we find a remarkable story about the power of prayer. Enos prayed all day and into the night for forgiveness of his sins. After a time it is granted unto him. Verse 8 tells us how it was done, "And he said unto me: Because of thy faith in Christ..." Here again is a way that they are connected.
To receive a remission of one's sins is to become whole again through the power of Christ's atonement. We gain access to this through prayer. It is a part of the "ask and ye shall receive" principle found throughout the scriptures.
Jumping more to faith. We are taught a lot about the principle of faith in Alma 32:21, "And now as I said concering faith - faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore, if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true." We can be told certain things are true or correct our whole lives, for various reasons. But without exercising faith, and asking we will never know for sure.
One last thought. President Gordon B. Hinckley taught, "Of all our needs, I think the greatest is an increase of faith." The power of faith is real. It can and will lead to a perfect knowledge of things. Likewise, prayer is an incredible gift that we have been given. It will help guide us in everything that we do. By even exercising the smallest particle of faith, in kneeling and asking our Heavenly Father a question, blessings and answers will come.

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