Saturday, January 30, 2016

Family History: Making it MY-story

Its so good to be back on the blog! I know it hasn't been that long, but it feels like forever out here!
So this last week Sister Pack and I have been talking a lot about Family History and sharing our stories.
It has been so wonderful for me to learn and hear the stories about my ancestors. Where they came from, what they did, what life was like for them and so many other stories.
As I have heard and read these stories I have been so blessed to come closer to my family and feel like I have come to personally know my ancestors.
But some people ask Why? What is the point in knowing all of these random stories about my ancestors?
Well the point is simple.
A photograph of family members looking at a photo album, with a quote by Elder William R. Walker: “Know the stories of faith and sacrifice that led our forefathers to join the Lord’s Church.”
Families are ordained of God. They are so special. I love my family so much and you can read more about that in my other post Families can Be Together Forever. Because families are ordained by God it means that we will eventually be with them again, if we life our lives in a way that we are worthy of it.
Doing Family History links us back through the generations. It binds us together forever! There is a wonderful website that can help get you started in tracking down your roots. It's  It is one of the most extensive sites availiable in doing family history. There are also Family History Centers around the world that can assist you in your search!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Our Saviour!

So just had a wonderful broadcast a few days ago, to all the missionaries in the world. It was incredible!!
One of the things that they discussed was always being ready to testify of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
An image of Christ comforting a woman, with a text overlay quoting Elder D. Todd Christofferson: “The Savior makes all things right.”So I would like to share, just super quick, my testimony of my Saviour.
I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I know that He lives. I know that through Him and the power of His Atonement we can do all things.
Christ has come to mean the world to me. He has helped me through so many trials and troubles. Through His Atonement we can obtain forgiveness for our sins.
We can find relief for feelings of guilt, sorrow, grief, pain, and any thing else that troubles us.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Families can Be Together Forever!!

I hope all is going well with you and your family!!
I've been thinking a lot about my family in the last little while, and I just have to say I love my family!!!
I have been so blessed to have the family I do. What's more, is that I have been blessed to have grown up knowing that my family will be together forever!
This knowledge has brought us such a profound sense of peace and joy. As we have grown together in the gospel we have also grown together as a family.
I know that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ our families really can be together forever and through them we can find peace, safety, and strength.
If you would like to learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint's teachings about families check out  you can find out more or chat with a missionary like me!! :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The BEST book EVER!!

Hello and Happy New Year (again)!! :)
So just yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to finish rereading the Book of Mormon. For those who don't know, the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. It was written by ancient prophets on the American continent. It teaches us the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ; how we can return to live with our Father in Heaven.
I had quite the experience as I read the Book of Mormon this time around. It was so incredible to me as I focused in on the testimonies of the prophets.
As I did so I was able to see the fulfillment of the words of Jacob (the brother of Nephi) found in Jacob 7:10-11 when he said,
"10 And I said unto him: Believest thou the scriptures? And he said, Yea.
 11 And I said unto him: Then ye do not understand them; for they truly testify of Christ. Behold, I say unto you that none of the prophets have written, nor prophesied, save they have spoken concerning this Christ."
It is SO true!! All of the prophets within the Book of Mormon testify of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. They testify of His life, His ministry, His Atonement, His death, His resurrection, and His continual love.
I add my testimony to theirs that Jesus Christ is the Saviour and Redeemer of the World. That He lives, and through Him and His eternal Atonement we can be made clean. I also testify that as we read, study, ponder, and pray about the Book of Mormon we will come to know that it is true and that it is the word of God.
If you would like to learn more I would encourage you to take a look at you can request a copy of the Book of Mormon or chat with a missionary like me.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hope within a New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope you had a safe and happy new year!! I am baffled that it is 2016, life is just flying by.
One of my favourite parts about having a new year is discovering all of the new possibilities that come. It is amazing how much hope can come from the start of a new year.
Hope is something I find so incredible. It is so simple, and we do it all the time.
John 4:5–29, Jesus sitting at the wellWe hope for someone to call us, we hope for the light to turn green, we hope for a bonus; we hope for many different things.
But most of all, I hope that WE hope, for a better world through our Saviour Jesus Christ.
As this new year begins I hope that we all set a goal to focus more on our Saviour and how it is that we can become more like Him. He is calling us after Him, and we have a wonderful opportunity this year to refocus on Him.