Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I Testify!

Hey there!!
So today I wanted to share my thoughts on something that I think most people do not enjoy, at all. And that is bearing testimony!
What is a testimony?
A testimony is a spiritual witness from the Holy Ghost (for more insights on the Holy Ghost check out my other posts!). It is so simple!! A simple statement about what you believe!
Why should I share my testimony?
I think all to often we think our testimonies are special, and that we can't share them. Or may be we get embarrassed to share it. I know I had hated bearing my testimony. For years and years I struggled with it. And then my dear father shared a scripture with me. This scripture is found in the Doctrine and Covenants 62:3 which says, " Nevertheless, ye are blessed, for the testimony which ye have borne is recorded in heaven for the angels to look upon; and they rejoice over you, and your sins are forgiven you."
I was absolutely blown away when I heard that scripture! How incredible is that? The angels look upon the testimonies that we share, they rejoice, and you receive forgiveness for your sins.
I mean come on!! Who doesn't want that? Forgiveness of our sins, relief of guilt, everything; it can come as we bear testimony of the truths that have changed us. The truths that the Holy Ghost has borne witness to us.
What if I don't have much to say?
Don't you even sweat it!! I was taught a few years ago by my dear bishop's wife that the simplest of testimonies begin with I Know... I Believe.. and I Testify... After that, it comes from the Spirit. The Holy Ghost will bear witness to you and to others around the truthfulness of the things that you say.
But wait! There is more!! 
The BEST thing about bearing testimony is that it grows every time it is shared! It doesn't matter where we are, or how simple it is. It will grow!
My Testimony
I know that Jesus Christ lives! It is so simple, and so true! I know that through Him we can be forgiven of our sins. We really be relieved of feelings of guilt, sorrow, remorse, and pain. He knows us perfectly! Christ's hand is stretched out waiting for us to grasp it. We are able to take His hand and walk with Him as we exercise faith, repent, make covenants (baptism!), feel the Holy Ghost work in our lives, and endure to the end! Keep moving forward! Christ is there and will help us through it all. With the Easter Season coming, let us all remember Him and His sacrifice!
                         A gray background coupled with a quote by Elder Quentin L. Cook: “The Savior is the source of true peace.”

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