Friday, March 18, 2016

He is Risen!!

Hey there!!
So I know its been forever since I've posted!!
Today I just wanted to share a few quick thoughts about this Easter season!!
I count myself so incredibly blessed everyday. For one simple reason.
I KNOW THAT CHRIST LIVES! I know it! And I cannot deny it! I have felt His love, guidance, protection, healing, and help in so many ways.
My favourite part about Easter has long been Easter sunday as we celebrate Christ's resurrection.
I remember when I was little my dad attempted to make new cookies for Easter. They were called resurrection cookies. Basically you turn the oven on, heat it, put the coookies in, and turn off the oven.
I remember my dad duct-taping the oven closed so we couldn't open it to early. It also represented Christ's tomb. As the cookies finished, we read the scriptures, about Christ rising from the dead.
We then pulled the cookies out.
To be totally honest they were disgusting.
But the representation has stuck with me my whole life!
Because Christ lives we can live!!
And this is why I love Easter! It is so much more than bunnies and chocolate.
It is about Christ and His atonement.

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