Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Follow the Prophet!

Oh dear, oh dear!! It seems I've done it again.... I've let nearly a full month pass by without posting. :( ahh!!!!! Time goes by to quickly on a mission.
I have learnt so many wonderful things over the past  month and there is no way I could make one post about it... or it would be about 12 pages long.
The Struggle is Real!
But seriously, I do want to share a bit about what I have learnt recently.

In my mission I have been called as a Sister Training Leader, where I get to help supervise, support, and train the sisters in the mission. Its hard sometimes, but it is so much fun too!!!
As part of it, we work with the other leadership in the mission to plan and present training. Recently, we created a document to help motive, inspire, and direct the work of the missionaries serving here.

We have had an amazing opportunity as we watched the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast it was incredible to hear the council from the Missionary Executive Council on how to further missionary work worldwide. As we watched it together, our thoughts kept being drawn back to the document we had created.
It is amazing to see how much better life is when we follow the council of the prophets!!
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Its kind of a no-brainer, but it is true!!! As we discussed the broadcast afterwards, we noted about how can continually follow the guidance brings blessings and miracles.
We have seen throughout the mission how the document created has truly inspired us all to work harder everyday.
I testify that as we not only sustain, but follow the guidance of the prophets and apostles we've been blessed with then we WILL be blessed beyond belief.

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  1. May God Bless you, Sister Smith! Such a great article! There is a reason for the song, 'Follow the Prophet!' It is the only way to stay on track! Thank you for your wonderful service!