Friday, December 18, 2015


Hi ya!!
So I've been thinking about miracles and how we can see them in our lives.
Luke 2:6–7, The holy familyThere have been so many miracles that have happened throughout time, and it is always so wonderful to hear the stories and have my faith strengthened through them. There are some of the well known ones; Christ's birth being a major one.
Why is it that it seems that miracles have stopped? 
Does God just not love His children as much now?
Are we lacking in the faith?
The answer to all of these questions is NO!!!
Miracles are most certainly still happening, and they are happening because God does still love His children. That is something that will never change.
Mark 2:1–12, Jesus heals man with palsy
Now the faith question is a little bit trickier. While the answer is no we are not lacking in faith, it is more about who and what it is that we place our faith in.
I know that miracles still happen today. I am here because of them. I am serving a mission as a witness of the miracles I have seen in my life. I know that God loves each and everyone of His children and He will bless us according to our faith and obedience to His commandments.
So this Christmas season, and always, let us focus on the wondrous miracle of our Saviour's birth. And learn to recognize the miracles in our lives everyday.

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