Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Like Clay on a Wheel

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying themselves!! :)
So I found this beautiful picture quote today and I just wanted to share my thoughts on it, and possibly a fun little story. We'll see :)

There was a wonderful story shared in conference last October. You can read the full talk HERE
But it relates how it is that we need to live a Christ-centered life, just as the clay on the potter's wheel must be centered exactly on the wheel. If it is not, the clay will fly everywhere and create a major mess.
I was really touched by this. I feel like in my life I have been fairly good at centering my desires on Christ and on following Him faithfully.
However, it must be exact. We cannot let the slightest things pull us from being centered on Christ. Whether it be fear, doubt, uncertainty, or laziness. There is no excuse good enough to keep us from following Christ.

When I was attending University I made it my goal to wake up early and study the scriptures each day for 20-30 minutes before preparing for the day and heading to class. I kind of amazed myself at my resolve to do it. As every time previously I had tried to do this I had failed.
However, God helped me in achieving this goal, even with keeping up with classes and the small social life I was attempting to have. :)
When I returned home at the end of my semester I was feeling pretty good and confident in my ability to continue to study daily.
I failed, just as I had before.
Why? Because I allowed other things, other GOOD things (Like going running) to keep me from devoting time to study.
I know that there is a power that comes from giving all that we can to the Lord. As we make the necessary sacrifices to Him in order to centre our lives on Him and His teachings all things will be possible. I know this because I have seen it many, many times in my life.

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